Sometimes you lose + sometimes you win

I met Haley Johnsen the other day — these are the boots she was wearing:

Haley Johnsen boots 2020-01-30-108

Her feet were performing as an essential part of the rhythm section (as were her hands) to accompany her wonderful, mesmerizing, authentic and strongly feeling beautiful voice. If you think I’m jiving you, then watch this:


If you want to hear her play live you should find out where she’s “now playing” + maybe she will be as nice to you as she was to me + autograph her new live recording “Live at Abbey Road”. When you listen to it + hear the last track, she will sing “goodbye” to you + you probably won’t want to let her go. You will wonder when will Haley Johnsen ever come back again. Just press replay!

Me singing “Wallflower” by Priscilla Ahn (recorded Jan 22, 2019)

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ChinHooi Ng's Vocal Gym


Do you see me standing there in the corner
I was alone, I always am at these big parties
Watching you, watching everybody
Wishing I was more outgoing
Wishing I was dressed up pretty
Wallflower, I’m not here, no one sees me
Wallflower, I’m by myself, please excuse me
But there you were
Standing in your own corner
Your eyes were wide
Tired, fading, just like mine
We could be the best of friends
I’m sure of it
But I’m too shy to
Cross this crowed room
Wallflower, I’m not here, no one sees me
Wallflower, I’m by myself, please excuse me
Help me leave this corner of the room
I’m reaching out to you
Cause I’ve got things
I could talk to you about
And we could be
Wallflower friends ’til the end
Wallflower friends ’til the end
I’m sure of it
Wallflowers, we’re not here…

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